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The Guthrie City Harbor location brings a much-needed Walk-In Care clinic to the downtown Ithaca area.

The landscape of medical care in Ithaca is changing. For years the city’s needs were served from two poles, both outside the City: on West Hill was the Cayuga Medical Center and its surrounding medical buildings, and in Lansing there was the Guthrie Clinic on Hanshaw Road and Cayuga Medical’s Convenient Care Clinic and surrounding buildings off Warren Road. In February, the Guthrie Ithaca City Harbor location opened on Willow Avenue. Work is continuing on a Cayuga Medical building near GreenStar on Cascadilla Street.

“This clinic [Guthrie Ithaca City Harbor] is serving the downtown population that has been desperately seeking care for quite some time,” notes David Ristedt, MD, Regional Medical Director, The Guthrie Clinic. “We were immediately busy as soon as we opened the doors, far-exceeding even the most generous expectations.”

Shawn Karney, MS, Associate Vice-President, Regional Operations, The Guthrie Clinic, says that the demand for health care services in Ithaca is definitely growing: “Since we opened the facility in February of 2022, we have had over 24,000 patient care visits at this location.”

The new 60,000 square foot Guthrie facility is home to a variety of Primary Care, Specialty Medicine, and Surgical services, including Family Medicine, Orthopedics, Breast Health – Radiology, Gastroenterology, Neurosurgery, Endoscopy, ENT services and Audiology and Specialty Eye Care along with General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery and Urology. The new facility allowed for an expansion of the Cardiology and Primary Care services at the Hanshaw Road location. The new Guthrie facility also provides for a downtown Walk-In Care clinic, open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to Noon.

Karney explains that “This expansion allows us to offer more robust services across all specialty groups.  We have also significantly increased our technological capabilities with respect to online scheduling through our eGuthrie portal.  This has increased the ability of patients to receive care quickly and efficiently on their schedule.”  

Ristedt has found that “Patients are loving the new flow: easy check-in and all patient needs (blood draw, schedule follow ups and referrals, and immunizations) being done in the same room where you see the doctor. Having primary care and the specialists in the same office along with our walk-in clinic provides for a one-stop health care facility. [This is] patient-centered care at its best.”

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