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Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

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Ithaca Police arrest individual suspected to be connected to recent burglaries

Matt Dougherty ​ | ​ Updated

The Ithaca Police Department (IPD) has arrested an Ithaca resident on charges connected to multiple recent thefts that have occurred throughout the City. Read more



Debating Climate Science at Cornell University

Matt Dougherty ​ | ​ Updated

There is nearly unanimous agreement among climate scientists that humans have caused climate change — with 97% of actively publishing climate scientists in agreement, according to NASA.  Read more


Ithaca Notes

Irish Up

Stephen Burke ​ | ​ Updated

Around this time three years ago there was a lot of talk about a virus going around that might shut the world down with quarantine. It was alarming, yet in early March of 2020 still a subject of speculation and conjecture rather than certainty. Read more

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