The Cherry Artspace will present its second show of its 2020-21 season on Nov. 13. 

“A Day” by Quebecois playwright Gabrielle Chapdelaine follows four mysteriously linked characters through the obstacles large and small that make up an ordinary day in their independent lives. Unbeknownst to them, they are one anothers’ guides. The Cherry’s November performance will mark the play’s English-language debut. 

It is the second of four creatively redesigned plays as part of Cherry's latest season. “A Day” will livestream over two weekends: Nov. 13 - 14 and Nov. 19 – 21.

Four actors will perform the play through separate multi-camera green-screen booths on a stage. Their performances will be mixed in real time with prerecorded audio and additional video performances acted by over a dozen other members of the Cherry Artists’ Collective. Cherry newcomer Noah Elman will be in charge of creating the visual effects and video mixing that will characterize the comic landscape. 

Set designer Daniel Zimmerman, Cherry and composer, lighting designer and former Associate Producing Director for the Kitchen Theatre Lesley Greene will come together to transport audiences from merely viewers into the seemingly 24-hour landscape that elevates the characters’ stories.

The play will star performances from four Ithaca favorites: Karl Gregory, last seen in the Cherry’s production of “Testosterone” by Rebekka Kricheldorf; Jahmar Ortiz who starred alongside Suzannah Berryman in the Cherry’s production of “The Other Side of the Sea” in February; Erica Steinhagen who played in the Kitchen’s “Cry It Out”, also in February, and in the Cherry’s production of “George Kaplan”, “The Snow Queen”, “Felt Sad” and “Posted a Frog”; and Sylvie Yntema who was last seen at the Cherry in “The Snow Queen,” “Felt Sad” and “Posted a Frog”.

Cherry Artistic Director Sam Buggeln and director Wendy Dann are teaming up to direct the show. The play has been translated from its original French by Taylor Barrett Gaines. 

“A Day” has been called The Best Zoom Plays, Audio Dramas and Livestream Theater of Fall 2020”, according to The New York Observer.

Tickets for the livestream can be found on the Cherry’s website.

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