I’ve been hiding in the smallest space / I am dying to go / This is not my home,” sings Laetitia Tamko, lead singer and proprietor of the name Vagabon, in her just-released album “Infinite Worlds.” The lyrics of her songs, poetic and soul-searching, speak to her own personal story and connects her to others. Her voice ethereal and simple, never overwhelmed but complemented by light guitar, synth, keyboard and drums. She sings honestly, sharing herself and her story with her audience/listeners. “Infinite Worlds,” in itself, is a masterpiece. 

Under the name Vagabon, Tamko sings about what it’s like to be different: to find yourself in a place where people don’t see you for who you are, where you aren’t allowed to take up space or where you don’t necessarily feel like you belong. When asked what messages she’s trying to convey in her most recent album, Tamko said, “I write music to heal myself and I share it to allow for a community of people who find solace in knowing they aren’t alone.” 

“A lot of it is about finding a space for myself, whether it is physical, emotional, social,” Tamko said about “Infinite Worlds.” “It’s about finding that place where I feel most comfortable. And also finding that the confidence within myself can continue to grow. And finding what it takes for me to feel whole through making music.”

Growing up in Cameroon, a country in West Africa, Tamko left with her family to live in New York just when she was about to start high school. “I’ve been singing for as long as I could remember but only started teaching myself instruments at the age of 17 and writing my own songs about three years ago,” Tamko said. 

Growing up around music, and despite pursuing engineering, she started seriously working with music her junior year at the City College of New York, emerging into Brooklyn’s DIY indie rock scene. As a young black woman speaking to inspire people who don’t necessarily belong, she stands out in the predominantly white and male-dominated crowd that is indie rock. 

Tamko will be performing at The Haunt alongside indie rapper Sammus and punk rock band Pleistocene. “It’ll be my first show in Ithaca ever!” Tamko said with excitement. Tamko will be continuing her tour over the next coming months in Germany and Europe. 

“[Touring and playing music] is all I like to do,” Tamko said. “And I can’t wait to keep doing it more and more.” •

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