FLX Thaw 3

The Finger Lakes Thaw Festival is returning for a third year in a row, serving as the kick-off to the annual run of festivals that delight a wide swath of music fans around the area.

Tickets are available now for the popular downtown festival, which holds concerts at a variety of different venues around Ithaca featuring a multitude of artists both from the local music scene in the county as well as regional artists as well. The event is being held from March 19 (a pre-party at The Range featuring Driftwood with Shag Horns) and continuing for most of the day on Friday and Saturday, March 20 and March 21.

The first wave of artists, announced early this month, contained prominent bands from around the area like the Comb Down, TATTAT, Lazy Bones, Kyra Skye and plenty of others, including well-known Ithaca acts Kurt Riley+Praxis and Cozmic Theo. Additionally, RootsCollider, Rye Makepeace and Straw Hat, The Long Now Trio, W I N G N U T were all announced, among others. The second wave, recently released, includes Mstr. McBean, Matthew Cornwell, The Saplings, Aaron Lipp & the Sack Tones, Max Childs and a slew more.

“The THAW is all about seeing new music, meeting new people and giving yourselves and the performers a good time,” the event’s page says. “No matter which act you bump in to, they will be good.”

To introduce you to any acts you might not know prior to the festival, the organizers have created a Spotify playlist consisting of songs from the confirmed artists.

The festival has maintained its low ticket price/high value mentality, selling two-day passes for $35 which are available up until March 20 online.

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