The Brother Brothers are playing in T'burg

The Siblings Will Play Big Sky Studio In T’burg

Adam and David Moss, aka The Brother Brothers, made their new album “Cover to Cover” just as COVID vaccinations became available. The album includes new acoustic version of tunes like “That’s How I Got to Memphis,” “These Days” and “You Can Close Your Eyes” with Sarah Jarosz. The album has gotten raves from Rolling Stone Country, American Songwriter and Billboard. The Moss brothers, who made up harmonies to The Beatles’ “I Will” as kids, both got music degrees and decided to join forces in 2016. The Brother Brothers return to Tompkins County for a show at 8 p.m.  August 7 at Big Sky Music Studio in Trumansburg. Tickets are available at bandsintown.com.

Adam Moss spoke to the Ithaca Times about sibling rock, recording without masks and how awesome Sarah Jarosz really is.

IT: When I was a kid lying in bed, I made up harmonies to [The Beatles’] “I Will,” too.

AM: Oh, really?

IT: It’s funny, when you’re a little kid making up harmonies, that’s some of the first music that you do. You hear something and there’s a part missing.

AM: [laughs] Yeah. No doubt.

IT: We’ve all grown up with brothers in bands: the Everly Brothers, the Davies brothers in The Kinks. My editor even mentioned the four false brothers: The Ramones. There’s a rich tradition of siblings in rock. You guys get along?

AM: Yeah, we get along pretty well. We’re living bicoastally right now. After the pandemic, I ended up moving to LA and David’s now in Miami. So that proved to be mildly challenging, but other than that, you know, we work it out.

IT: What inspired “Cover to Cover”? I love it.

AM: Well, it’s pretty pandemic-related, and I hate to have you write probably another pandemic-related story, but you know, everything kinda stopped. And we needed to come up with something else; we were due a record album at our record label. We just figured, we didn’t know what was gonna happen, and so rather than write an album of originals, we decided, “Let’s do covers. ” We’ve been wanting to sing other peoples’ songs for a long time and it’s like a dream to record them. And so really, when you’re making albums and writing songs, it’s like, when do you get to do that? And it just seemed like the perfect time, just because everything was so crazy. It seemed like the least risky thing to do, honestly.

IT: It’s these tidy little arrangements with just a few instruments, so I assume everything was done in isolation.

AM: No, actually, we recorded it in June 2021, right after the first vaccine and before Delta.

IT: Right.

AM: So everything was done in studio together. I don’t think anyone wore a mask, actually. That was right in that grace period. Biden was president and nobody had COVID, except then they did.

IT: And we got rid of that orange Cheeto dust guy. Uck.

AM: [laughs]

IT: I got to hear five of the tracks and was only familiar with [Jackson Browne’s] “These Days.” You recorded a version of “You Can Close Your Eyes” with Sarah Jarosz. Talk about Sarah, she’s awesome.

AM: Oh yeah, we actually opened for her in Ithaca for one of our first shows. When we were living in New York, I was hanging out in the acoustic music scene a lot, and we just became friends. I’m friends with many of her friends; there’s just this crew of people that hang out, so we became friends. And then when we started the band, she was actually at our first show. And then she came to our second show and asked us to open, so that kind of got our career started, but that was way back in 2016. But since then, we’ve become really good friends and admirers of each other’s music.

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