underground railroad mural

Underground Railroad Mural by Jonathan Matas (2010) on Green St. Courtesy of Ithaca Murals.

Ithaca Murals unveiled a fundraiser for its next project: Awaken the Underground Railroad Mural, which will focus on revitalizing the mural located on the righthand side of Green St. beneath the overpass that descends onto Aurora St. The mural will also be extended to include two or more new Afrocentric murals on the left and right sides of the original. 

The mural is a collaboration between Southside Community Center and Ithaca Murals that will showcase the artwork of four Black artivists: Jackie Richardson, Miriam Adib, Cyepress Rite and Terrance Vann.

"Being a part of the group of people that is working to awaken the Underground Railroad mural is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life," said Rite. "The artists involved in this project are all Black, most of us Queer, and we represent different generations. The Underground Railroad Mural is beyond the wall, it is the collective imaginings of our ancestors, it is embalming their blueprint, and passing on our present stories."

The current goal for the fundraiser is set at $7000, which will help pay for the supplies needed for the upcoming project, as well as paying the artists for their work. Every donation will receive a free sticker in return; any donation of $120 or above will receive a free mural mug. 

One of the newer murals is expected to replace the Black Lives Matter mural that was recently placed beneath the overpass last week. 

In 2019, Southside Community Center youth walked to Green St. to clean off years of car dust from the mural. The mural, which features the likenesses of Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman was painted by Jonathan Matas in 2010.

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