Cherry Arts

The Cherry Arts announced today four grant awards from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) to support the recovery of the nonprofit arts and culture sector.

NYSCA has awarded $90 million since Spring 2022 to a record number of artists and organizations across the state. NYSCA tripled their organizational funding for the Cherry, signaling support of the Cherry’s expanded missions and spaces in Ithaca. Additional commission grants will support two upcoming productions: Heading Into Night (March 17-26) and e-Motion (May 28-June 4). 

Governor Kathy Hochul said, “As a cultural capital of the world, New York State is strengthened by our expansive coverage of the arts across all 62 counties.  This year's historic commitment to the arts sector will spur our continuing recovery from the pandemic and set the course for a stronger future."

NYSCA Executive Director Mara Manus said, “We are immensely grateful to Governor Hochul and the Legislature for their unprecedented investment of $240 million to support arts organizations across the state. New York State arts organizations such as the Cherry Arts are the cornerstone of our vibrant arts economy. As crucial drivers of our health and vitality, we are grateful to the unwavering dedication of arts workers across the state.”

NYSCA Chair Katherine Nicholls said, “On behalf of the entire Council, I congratulate the Cherry Arts on this grant award. Their creative work provides the benefits of the arts to both their community and all of New York. Arts organizations are essential, leading our tourism economy and fueling sectors such as hospitality, transit, and Main Streets across our state. “ 

Cherry Arts Artistic Director Samuel Buggeln said, “Developing arts in a pandemic is a challenge, and we’re honored by this support from New York State, which we take as a response to the vibrancy of our programming. It’s a tricky time for an arts organization to be expanding, as the Cherry is, so we take this new funding as a strong vote of confidence on our new work in visual and community arts. And as grateful as we are to the state, we’re especially grateful for our community of artists and audiences, who have stuck with us through thick and thin.” 

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Thomas Corey

I presume that the funding for Cherry Arts is not $240 Million, but the article lacks this crucial element of fact. What, in fact, is the amount of the grant? Without this information, the article is little more than puffery.

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