Katie Vaz

Katie Vaz

When Katie Vaz was a student at Candor School District, she described herself as ”quiet and shy; usually sitting in a corner somewhere drawing or doodling.”

In her third book, to be released in August, she has written “The Escape Manual for Introverts.” The book features Vaz’s illustrated spreads, hand lettering and spot illustrations. 

Once she graduated from Candor High School in 2005, Vaz knew she wanted to take graphic design and majored in it for two years at Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3). Next she would go on to further study graphic design at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) earning her Bachelor’s Degree. 

Vaz’s next step would be to attend a graduate school in Germany. She earned her Master’s Degree from Anhald University, RIT’s sister school, located just an hour or so south of Berlin in Dessau. “It was kind of scary at first, but I really loved Germany and all the sights,” Vaz said. 

Before her graduation, Vaz would receive bad news from home: her father had passed away. After graduation she moved back home to Candor and lived with her mother. 

While living in Candor, Vaz started working online, perfecting her designs by producing stationery, lettering and other paper goods. Noticing their popularity, she would produce her own first book, an adult coloring book with her own designs called, “Don’t Worry, Eat Cake.”

Adult coloring books have helped many to ease the stress of our everyday lives. Taking a breather from the constant influx of information, both real and not so real, is good for everyone. “It’s like taking a break and putting your feet up,” Vaz said. 

In October 2018 Vaz released her second book, “Make Yourself Cozy,” a guide to practicing self-care,which also featured her designs. 

Vaz does a lot of her design work from her websites: katievaz.com, esty.com/shop/katievaz, and spoonflower.com/profiles/katievaz

The Esty shop site is for the stationery and other paper items, and the Spoonflower Shop site is for fabric and wall paper, all done in Vaz’s own designs. 

A book signing of her third book, “The Escape Manual for Introverts,” will be held at the Riverow Book Shop in Owego on Aug. 10. Vaz is already working on an idea for her fourth book.

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