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For many years, Handwork has offered window displays to help promote community events, fundraisers, and visiting artists. Within the past two years, the co-op has designated a window specifically for artists that are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). The shop has featured the works of over fifteen BIPOC artists in their rotating window displays and has welcomed works such as paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry, sculpture, literature, and a variety of other crafts.

For the month of February, Handwork is debuting the mixed media work of local artist Kudzai Chitewere, also known as Q. Kudzai is from the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. He paints with acrylic and watercolor and sculpts from recycled natural materials found in his environment. Kudzai’s themes are inspired by a childhood outdoors, a love of fruits and vegetables, and his New York urban garden. In the variety of sculptural poses, textures, and movement within each piece, one can see a love of color and the thoughtful intention that goes into each of Kudzai’s creations. In addition to the impressive detail of his sculpted figures, Kudzai’s work also incorporates driftwood, twigs, rocks, seed pods, sand, and other found elements. They create the natural environments his figures inhabit. Some items are gathered from foraging expeditions with Kudzai’s family dog Mila, along the Susquehanna river, in the Finger Lakes, and on local trails. 

Kudzai explains, “While visiting friends in Washington D.C. I came across and fell in love with a particular species of acorn, the Sawtooth Oak acorn. This acorn has long stringy caps that look like hair and are perfect for my models.”

In one piece titled, Threads That Bind Us, we see two figures rolling balls of yarn together on a stone slab. The figures are draped in vibrant colors and adorned with African seed beads. In another piece, titled Fun, a joyful moment is celebrated as a child is playfully swung from the hands of her mother. 

Walk by Handwork’s windows to catch a glimpse of the whole collection! To purchase Kudzai Chitewere’s work, patrons are welcome to visit Handwork in person at 102 West State Street, downtown Ithaca, during business hours, Monday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Sundays 11 am to 5 pm. Artisans who identify as BIPOC who are interested in applying for a window display can contact the store at HandworkEAC@gmail.com

Handwork is excited to have the following BIPOC artists scheduled for the upcoming months:

March, Youth Art Month window by Southside Community Center

May, paintings by Robert Grant

June, multi-media art by Ultraviolet Academy

Previous artists:

Paintings by Ana Goldsmith - Instagram: @sistaana9 

Paintings by Terry Plater - www.terryplater.com

Wood framed mirrors by Horton Daniel Furnishings - Instagram: @hortondanielfurnishings

Jewelry by Mercedes Redmon - https://www.etsy.com/shop/redmetalstudio

Art by Yen Ospina - Instagram: @yenospina Website: https://yenospina.com/

Multi-media art by Margaret Sabrina - Instagram: margroton_art Website: https://www.margaretsabrina.com/

Art by Michael DeMunn - https://www.fllt.org/profiles/mike-demunn/

Photography by Tahila Mintz - Instagram: @Tahilasnap  Website: www.Tahila.net

Paintings by Maryam Adib - https://www.ithacamurals.com/maryamadib.html

Paintings by Lauren Reid - https://www.laurenreid.art/

Paintings by Terrance Vann - Instagram: @terranceism Website:terranceism.bigcartel.com

Photographs and cyanotypes by al aguas and Sonja Lockhart - https://csma-ithaca.org/confluencial/

Charcuterie boards by Tracy Smith - Instagram: @dancingowlwoodworking 

Paintings by Richell Ferreira - Website: dailypaintworks.com

Paintings by Khalil Bey

Poetry by Peaches Gillette

Knit goods and fiber art by Saundra Goodman - https://www.strandstostitches.com/

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