Slightly Deterred

"Slightly Deterred," a photo by Ryan McGuire , was his submission for the July 23 daily art mission, which had a mission theme of "fences."

Local artist Ryan McGuire has always had a knack for coming up with unusual projects, from driving a spaceship car to convincing dozens of Ithacans to don clown noses for a short film.

His latest creation, the IthacaART Daily Mission, has been going for the past three months, and this Saturday, some of the resulting artwork will be unveiled at an opening reception at 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13, in the "Ryan McGuire Pseudo-Gallery" at the Ithaca Antiques Mall at 1607 Trumansburg Road.

"My daily art mission participation has more than tripled since I introduced it to the community on May 9, 2011," McGuire said. "My first mission was to take a picture of something blue and attempt to make it unrecognizable. I had 10 people submit a picture for this mission. Now on average I have over 30 amazing submissions per daily mission.

"I've been diligent with my art missions and I haven't missed a day since it started. I've manage to create a unique mission each day and I archive them on my IthacaArt Facebook page in galleries. It's a lot of work to maintain the missions and albums, but I feel that it is important to be consistent."

 McGuire said the goal for his art missions is "to give the community daily motivation to create art and to provide them with a mechanism for sharing their creativity with others.

"I've been an artist for most of my life and have had many opportunities to share it with the public, but many artists don't know how to get started or are afraid to share the art with the world because of criticism," he said. "This is the best part about my art missions - it gives everyone, from professional photographers to complete amateurs a level playing field and an opportunity connect with other local artist and to break through the fear of sharing their art."

 McGuire said he's gotten many favorable responses from the community.

"I've received numerous e-mails from participants as well as followers that have told me how grateful they are that I'm providing them with a creative art mission each day to complete. Some have even said it's what gets them out of bed in the morning. There are many artists that participate every day, but on average we have two to three new people submit a picture each day."

 The show at "Pseudo-Gallery" includes 20 artists that have submitted a picture for a mission, and all of the pictures that will be displayed will be a daily art mission submission.

"Many of the artists participating have never displayed their work so I've been providing support and have been walking them through framing and matting process," McGuire said. "This show will be the first time many of these great artists have ever displayed work publicly."

To learn more about the Daily IthacaArt Mission, visit

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