Eduardo Acevedo Taco Stand

Eduardo Acevedo serves up sizzle with his tasty tacos

“Isn’t it so great that a taco stand is bringing happiness to so many people?” This was the question I was asked while being handed a brown paper bag with tacos on a beautiful fall day. The charis- matic owner of Tacos CDMX, Eduardo Acevedo, projects an energy that makes you enjoy the food before you even take your first bite. CDMX Tacos is located next to the Finger Lakes Reuse Center on Elmira road.

With its name standing for Tacos Ciu- dad de Mexico, CDMX brings authentic Mexican flavors and street food flair. It is a small metal stand, and from the road its location is indicated by a sign reading “Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!”. This quaint stand affirms the appreciation of the simple things in life. With a simple menu and ingredients, Tacos CDMX is producing some of the best tacos in Ithaca.

Although small, the menu provides a variety of options. Customers choose additions of cheese, cilantro, onions, and a variety of salsas to customize their meal at $5 for each taco.

The al pastor tacos combine adobo pork with pineapple. To add more of a bite to this party of flavors, chopped onions and cilantro can be added to any taco. Topped with chipotle salsa, the al pastor tacos were a perfect balance of spice and sweetness. The pineapple married with the pork creating a balanced bite paired with the aromatic essence of cilantro. Rich mar- inated steak is the star of the asada taco. All of the meat options at this stand had incredible chew and flavor, but the steak in this dish was truly fantastic. Topped with cheese and onions, this savory taco is a fantastic comfort, and could cure any hangover when topped with spicy salsa.

Lastly, the pollo taco allowed chipo- tle chicken to shine. Succulent chicken, full-bodied sauce, and a mild corn tortilla made this taco basically perfect. The stand accommodates all spice tolerances, rang- ing from a mild fresca salsa to a hot morita salsa. CDMX gives you tacos the way that you want them: mouth-watering and customizable.

The food is incredible, but the energy that this truck exudes is exceptional. The smells, the sights and the overall experi- ence is priceless. Watching pineapple and pork chopped up on a hot grill while the aroma of tacos floats in the air is an expe- rience that most restaurants cannot offer. The joy was abundant as the small staff interacted with each and every customer. Praises from previous customers are writ- ten in sharpie on the front of the stand, including compliments like “Where this goes I will follow,” and “Top notch tacos”. CDMX has thrown their passion into the Ithaca community, and the appreciation is being returned from every person who enjoys their food. Driving past the stand,

a colorful crowd of hungry people proves that Tacos CDMX is creating delicious meals with every Ithacan in mind, and each taco is made with an unprecedented amount of care and excite- ment.

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