The greater Ithaca area offers a wealth of choices for foodies. I’ve experienced this firsthand, from fine dining to fun dining, enjoying the amazing variety our area has to offer. You may not be familiar with the Corner Pub as it’s not located downtown, however, you’ll find it just minutes away at the Rogues Harbor Inn in nearby Lansing. It’s in a National Historic Landmark building dating back to the 1830’s.

There are two major dining areas: Inside, there’s room for about 50 diners with five booths, five high-tops and a bar, while outside, a porch runs the length of the building and can accommodate another three dozen patrons who might enjoy watching the traffic go by on Route 34.

The menu includes all sorts of fun foods, and the atmosphere is like an indoor picnic — just subtract the ants and add quite a bit of noise if you choose to eat indoors. Selections favor lunches rather than dinners as there are only five dinner choices, whereas there is an abundance of chicken wing, burger, and sandwich possibilities.

It might be important to some diners to learn that among the eight “small plates,” ($6.50-$8.50), five are fried or deep-fried.

Chicken wings are an obvious specialty of the restaurant. The menu says they come in 1.5-pound portions of “Jumbo Fresh Wings” at $14.75. I have to take them at their word as I haven’t figured out a method to weigh them at the table. In response to my queries, servers tell me there are eight wings in each portion. However, when the portion arrives, I don’t need a scale to count four wings, each divided in two — consequently there are a total of eight breaded pieces: four meaty, plump drumettes and four wingettes. They are accompanied by a few celery sticks with a blue cheese dip and your choice of 13 sauces. This is not a misprint: there really are 13 different sauces. I’ve tried the medium Buffalo, mild Buffalo, and honey garlic and enjoyed them all. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, I’d recommend the mild Buffalo instead of the medium which is a bit on the hot side.

Wings are served in a printed paper lined basket and the sauce comes in a plastic cup with a lid. I’m not wild about cutting into printed paper which, theoretically could mix in with the food, but the paper is presumably there to absorb the grease.

Burgers are another key item here. There are four, ($13.50), and the ones I’ve ordered are quite good, however, they too, are served in a printed paper-lined basket. The servings are so generous I can’t manage to neatly pick up a half a burger, so I settle for a knife and fork. All the burgers are served on a bun with lettuce and tomato and one side. The garlic mushroom burger has lots of large mushroom slices but just a light sprinkling of garlic strewn across the top. Other sandwiches include a Ruben [sic] and a Rachel ($12). Typically, Reubens are made with corned beef and sauerkraut and Rachels are made with pastrami or turkey and coleslaw. However, at The Corner Pub both come with corned beef.

There are three salad entrées, and the side salads are quite large and feature fresh greens. The house coleslaw comes in a ramekin and is made without a lot of mayo. It’s very good. The two desserts are rather ordinary: the apple crisp is homemade, the cheesecake is not.

As for the beverage menu, the food served here normally is more appropriately accompanied by beer rather than wine and the limited wine list reflects that. There is an extensive selection of beers, by the pint and by “The Big Mug,” all from $4.75-$8.75. The Big Mug is impressively large, and for only one dollar more, I always opt for it because I think it offers good value and I never seem to have a problem seeing the bottom of the glass. The dozen beers on tap are mostly local, while the bottles and cans, $3.50-$6.75, are exclusively from national and international breweries.

If you agree that a good burger, wings, or sandwich served with a cold beer makes for a fun meal, then I think you’ll leave happy, having enjoyed your indoor picnic.

Tidbits: I try to arrive near the 3 p.m. opening as it can get noisy with a brick wall behind the bar and uncovered paneled walls and floors.

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