A Rock show. Featuring:

River Diver (Greg McClure, Chris Ploss, Justin Roeland, Scott Nelson), formed to elaborate on Chris' solo project, The Changers, is playing their first run of shows (release or otherwise) in mid-November. Come see this rare opportunity of a local show, and help them launch their EP, waybacklight.


Eric Harvey is an American musician and songwriter. Eric Harvey wanted to get “the band” back together once more before the snow falls.

-Eric hails from the Ithaca area, and after a long, successful stint with the ever popular rock band, Spoon, he has recently returned to his roots geographically and musically!
The band is: 
Mike Stark (keyboards)
Matthew Saccuccimorano (drums)
Jason Shegogue (guitars)
and Brian Dozoretz (bass)!


  • Occurred Sunday, November 10th, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

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